St. Anthony Catholic Church, Indianapolis

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The Saint Anthony of Padua Parish, established in 1891, holds historical significance as being the eighth Catholic parish in Marion County and the pioneer west of White River. Its initial scope of jurisdiction encompassed the White River to the east, the Vandalia tracks to the south, and the Marion County line to the west and north. Over time, six Catholic Churches, namely Holy Trinity, St. Christopher, St. Michael, St. Joseph, St. Monica, and St. Gabriel, emerged within the original territory, catering to a thriving and expanding populace.

In 2014, the Archbishop amalgamated the Holy Trinity and St. Anthony parishes into a solitary congregation. Throughout its history, the St. Anthony Parish has had a succession of pastors, including Father Dowd, who was the head of the church during its dedication. Father Byrne, Father Busaid, Father Gorman, Father Knapp, Father Ryan, Father John McCaslin, and the current presiding priest, Reverend Father Juan Jose Valdez, are among the other clergies who have served the parish.